Free Name Change Kit for Brides



A name change form is another term for a letter used to notify someone about your new name. Since there are many other notification methods available some brides will use letters only when requested. If someone asks for a signed letter attesting to your new name you can use the first letter below.

Printable Name Change Letter

This is a letter in PDF format that can be printed and mailed. It can be filled on your computer or printed and then filled by hand (in both cases the signatures are done by hand).

size: 720kb download bridekitletter.pdf


Letter for updating Children's Records (for bride or groom)

Letter for updating Groom's Records (for groom)


Note: If you don't have Adobe Reader you can get it here for free.




Name Change Letter for Email

This is a letter that can be attached to email (both you and the recipient must have Microsoft Word).

Instructions: Open the below file in Microsoft Word. Fill out on your computer and "Save As" a different file name to your desktop. You can then attach the file to your outgoing email.

size: 40kb download bridekitletter.doc