Free Name Change Kit for Brides




Welcome to Bride Kit!  This is a completely free kit designed to help brides change their names and update their records in accordance with their new name, marital status, and other details.


It's important to know that no name change "service" or packet of forms can accomplish your name change for you (despite some advertising claims). Almost all records will warrant your personal attention and many are changed in person*.

As you update your records you will be changing many other important details besides your name, and during this process you may need to contact some of the businesses and organizations you deal with to find out what notification methods they accept (don't worry, this is explained in the next section).

This will be a lot easier if you know what to expect and stay organized. The kit walks you through changing different types of records and offers helpful tips along the way.

 * Appearing in person is used for Social Security, drivers license, motor vehicle, bank account, employment, and school records.




How to Use

It's recommended you start at the Basics section to get an idea of what to expect when you change your name and update your records. 

The Instructions are divided into five records categories: Government, Financial, Business, Membership, Friends and Family. The charts show what records are covered in each section with brief instructions. For more detailed instructions click inside a chart or scroll down the page.

Creating your own personal name change Checklist will help you stay organized. 

If you intend to use personal letters for some notifications you can find free templates in the Forms section.


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Disclaimer: The following material is not intended to substitute for legal or other professional advice.