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Organization Records

Some of your organizations may require a written or other type of formal notice. Casual clubs can usually be notified by telephone or email. If you are a current student you should contact the registrar or student records department as soon as possible.

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These include religious, political, academic, trade, charitable, and other societies. Since these often place a high importance on having a member's latest information on file they may require a written or other formal type of notification.


Check to see if the organization has its own special form for making record corrections. If they ask for a personal letter you can download one in the Forms section.

Tip: Check the organization's website for any information on updating your membership profile.



Name change notifications for casual hobby and recreational groups can usually be made in person at the next meeting or by calling or emailing the club's secretary. Internet social networking memberships can be updated by logging in to your account and updating your profile.



Student Records

If you’re currently attending a college or university, vocational, or any other type of school you should notify the registrar. If you have a local campus you can do this in person.

Appear at the school registrar or student records office with your school ID, and marriage certificate. There will usually be a special form to complete. For correspondence schools you may need to download a special form or send them a letter and copy of your marriage certificate.

Transcripts and Diploma

For former students, academic records and transcripts are generally maintained in the names that students had while attending school and it is not mandatory that these be changed. If you want your new name to appear on your transcript along with your old name you can usually do this by contacting the student records department. This might be a good idea if you are giving out resumes that have your new name and you think a potential employer might request a copy of your transcript.

Many schools will let you order a replacement diploma with your new name on it if you so desire.

Alumni, Sororities, and Academic Societies

Your school's alumni association will want to know about your recent marriage and new spouse. You may be able to update your records on their web site. If they want a written notification you can download a letter in the Forms section. Sororities and academic societies should be treated like a Formal Society (see above).


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