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Business Records

For businesses that keep your billing information on file be sure to update their billing preferences to match any changes you made to your financial accounts.

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These are the establishments in your area that you do business with on a regular basis, for example: dry cleaner, salon, video store, gym, etc. Any business that keeps records of their clients will want to be notified of your new name.


You can provide your new information during your next visit, by phone, or email. If you would like to give notice in writing you can download a name change letter at the Forms page.

Tip: If a business keeps your credit card or bank account information on file for automatic billing make sure their billing preferences exactly match the account (including your name, address and phone number) so they can continue to process payments.



Professionals that provide you with specialized services will want to have your latest information on file (examples are physicians, accountants, and contractors). As with local businesses you'll probably have several notification options to choose from. With health care providers be prepared to share any changes in your health insurance and update your emergency contacts to include your new spouse.



These include brick-and-mortar retailers and Internet sites for shopping, travel, and auctions.

Contact the customer service or membership department for their standard method. Internet-based accounts can usually be changed by logging in to your account. Update billing preferences to match any new credit card or bank account details and adjust the shipping preferences if you changed your address.

Tip: With online accounts go to the My Profile, Account Preferences, or equivalent section and see if you can make changes there. Sometimes you'll be able to update your address and billing info but not your name (since this is done less frequently) so you may need to contact customer service.

These are the services and utilities that you subscribe to. Examples are telephone, cable television, Internet, electricity, and water.

Service providers can be notified by calling the customer service number that appears on your bill or by including a letter along with your next payment (if you pay by check). You may be able to make changes over the Internet if you can access your account online. 


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